About US

Our Equipment: Matching design with your production needs

Our range of transformer winding machines and coil winding equipment is ideal for small, medium and large applications. For proto-type and short run applications, we are your best choice.

We offer choices:
  • from our comprehensive line of standard equipment to options available for customizing a machine just for your special needs.
  • from low-end hand winding machines to large, heavy duty transformer winding equipment using round or rectangular wire sizes down to 360″ and larger, to highly precise resistance winders using .001 wire (50AWG) and finer.


Traverse controls use fully automated controlled systems. Choose from:
  • Hand Guided Winders
  • Armature Winders
  • Transformer Winders
  • Bobbin Winders
  • Continuous Resistance Winders
  • A variety of Tension Devices
Our Manufacturing: Using resources for precision and reliability

At George Stevens, we count people as our best resource. Our professionals are skilled craftsmen who also apply their knowledge of modern day engineering to build machines that last and perform.

  • Solid cast iron bases and all components are machined in our fully equipped machine shop.
  • We don’t offer “off-the-shelf” equipment. Our systems are made to order.
  • Our time frame for design and production always fits your schedule.
  • Our design uses the latest in CAD systems including AutoCAD and Solid works.
  • Our technology driven design includes Windows based user-friendly software, touch pad displays and microprocessor based technology to guarantee precision and reliability.


Our Markets: Covering a wide range of industries

At George Stevens, we are driven by your coil winding applications. We design and build transformer winding equipment and coil winding equipment for customers in diversified markets including:

  • Medical Products (cardiovascular)
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Hearing Aids
  • High and Low Voltage Power Supplies
  • Electric Motors and more